Water features are today’s hottest trends in landscaping. Environmentally friendly and completely customized water features can be installed anywhere using our easy-to-install MicroPond kits. Ponds can become a sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard when done properly. The goal with our ecosystem pond kits is to create a complete lowmaintenance system that works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter and safety to the wildlife around it. Use of chemicals is kept to a minimum, allowing Mother Nature to work naturally and efficiently. Relax alongside a water garden and experience a tranquility that transcends today’s stressful world. If you are a person who enjoys creating something with your own two hands, then the MicroPond kit is the thing for you. We’ve taken the guesswork out of assembling the items to build a pond. No more headaches trying to piece together fittings and plumbing assemblies. No extensive training to understand what pump to use with what filter. It’s all been done for you. We’ve included everything you need to build a pond.... in one box! We teach seminars on How To Build A Pond. These seminars go over the basic steps to simplify the process for you.


One of the most important aspects to consider when building a pond is where will you get the most enjoyment out of it? Where will you be able to see it the most, hear the sounds of the waterfall splashing down? Can you see it from inside the home and therefore enjoy it even when it’s too cool to sit outside? Some simple tricks to help you determine the best location are to use a garden hose to outline the proposed pond or use landscaper marking paint and spray directly on the grass. This helps you get a much better visual of what size pond you would like and what size pond will fit your yard! Do you have access to hydro or can you get hydro to the spot easily?

Take the time to do some research. Look at different designs and styles and see which ones suit your taste, budget and purpose.


Once you have determined the size of pond you are going with, we can then figure out the proper size kit you require for the job.

Getting your products: Will you be picking them up, or getting them delivered? Either way, it is important to come in or 519-765-2379 us ahead of time to ensure we have the products in stock and or a delivery spot available for you.

Then the fun begins! Dig the hole in the shape you have chosen. Don’t forget to dig shelves at varying depths for marginal plants and fish feeding areas. Install your biofall and skimmer ensuring they are level. Install the underlay (very important to protect against rocks and roots coming up from under the pond and to help wick away water caught under the pond especially in clay based areas!) Install the liner on top of the underlay and attach to skimmer and biofalls as per instructions. Add rock and gravel to cover the entire liner. Install underwater lights hiding all cables under the gravel. Add water!! And of course you can add your plants by planting directly into the gravel. And be sure to add your favourite fish. Naturalize the edges of the pond with mulch and plants.


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