A water feature that allows the creation of a waterfall, but has no pond attached. The water disappears into a reservoir filled with aquablox and covered with stone. A pondless waterfall allows you to have all the benefits of a waterfall - sound, look, natural stone - yet none of the safety issues or maintenance of a pond. There is no open body of water to be concerned with. The water just magically disappears.


A pondless waterfall is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want a pond but love the idea of a waterfall. No fish to take care of or plants to maintain. You can turn it off and on at any time, or put it on a timer and just enjoy when you are home. This makes it virtually maintenance free and energy efficient. You can make the waterfall as high or wide as suits you. It can fit in small spaces where a pond might be crowded. And moving water is a magnet for birds and other wildlife, making it an excellent feature to add excitement and life to your outdoor living space.


The most important aspect to consider when building a pondless waterfall is it’s placement. Where will you get the most enjoyment out of the feature? Where will you able to see it most and hear that wonderful calming sound? Can you see it from inside the home and therefore enjoy it even when it’s too cool to sit outside? A great way to determine the best location is to use a garden hose or landscape marking paint. Outline the proposed area with the hose or spray the grass with the can. Then step back and look at it from your patio and from inside your home. Will this location afford you the most enjoyment of the feature? How much space do you have to work with? How high would you like your waterfall to be and would you like a stream to go along with it. And don’t forget that a waterfall can be quite loud depending on the drop height and the rate of flow. Make sure to keep this in mind if you plan on locating the waterfall close to a sitting area.

Do you have access to hydro or can you get hydro to the area you wish to place the waterfall?

Take the time to do some research. Look at different designs and styles and see which ones suit your taste, budget and purpose.

Once you decide on size and location, then we can help you determine the size of kit you will require and the appropriate amount of rock.

Getting your products: Will you be picking them up, or getting them delivered? Either way, it is important to come in or 519-765-2379 us ahead of time to ensure we have the products in stock and or a delivery spot available for you.


Start by excavating the area and using the excavated material to build up a berm for your waterfall. You might need to bring in more base material depending on the height you have chosen. Install the underlay and liner in the excavated basin and the liner on the waterfall slope. Attach the liner to the spillway. Now you can play with the rocks you have chosen to make your own style waterfall. It is suggested to place an anchor rock or two at the top of the waterfall. This creates a solid area to start the waterfall. Fill in the basin with the aquablox and install the snorkel, pump and all necessary plumbing. Then cover the basin completely with stone. Add lights and hide the cables under the stone. The use of waterfall foam to navigate the flow of water is essential. When you fill in the spaces between the rock of the waterfall, it allows the water to flow in front of or on the face of the waterfall instead of having it all disappear behind the rocks. Water loves to find the past of least resistance. Naturalize the edges of the pond with mulch and plants.

Detailed instructions are available in the manual that comes with the kit.

If you have and additional questions please contact Silverthorn Landscape Supplies.


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