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Our Northern friends call themselves Inuit meaning “human beings”. Their survival depended on natures supplies from land and sea. They created Inuksrit or singular Inuksuk to “act in place of a human”. These stone structures helped direct caribou towards waiting hunters, marking prime land, indicating great fishing sights and warnings of danger. An Inuksuk was chosen as a logo for the 2010 Oylmpics games. This logo was named Llanaaq meaning “friend”. These stone structures whether big or small have touched the hearts of people around the world. Each Inuksuk has its own meaning behind it. Its all in the thought of the creator. Come build with us.

custom pre-built starting at $99


If you have access to a truck or trailer, come on out and we will load you up! If you are unsure how much product your vehicle can hold, no worries, our staff is knowledgeable on the weights of our product and will load your vehicle safely. Your safety is our priority.

If you do not have access to a truck or trailer, or if you would prefer, we can deliver your product right to your house! Give us a 519-765-2379 or come in to set up your delivery.

We have additional products throughout our store and yard, feel free to give us a 519-765-2379 and inquire about a specific product you are after and we will do our best to help you out.

Price and product availability subject to change without notice.

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