The great thing about Bubbling Rocks is their uniqueness. Low maintenance is also a perk of these creations. You get to choose every component and style and truly make this wonderful accent piece your own. Enjoy the flexibility! Have fun creating a feature that you can come home to and enjoy for years to come.

silverthorn landscape supplies

silverthorn landscape supplies

silverthorn landscape supplies

Pricing is dependent on the type of rock and its corresponding weight, combined with the individual components: pump, tubing, drill hole, basin, decorative rockery…etc.

Creating a Bubbling Rock is easy!

  • Simply pick out your Bubbler – whichever rock suits your style and project best
  • Choose a Basin which will hold the weight of your rock and account for water splash
  • Choose a Pump – also based on the size of your rock and your desired water height
  • Choose Hose – one that matches your pump
  • Choose a Clamp – matched to your hose
  • Get your Rock Drilled – choose your hole size based on desired water flow, density and depth of your rock
  • Get your Decorative Gravel – to place around your rock and create a professional, finished look
  • Light it up! – Night Lighting and Landscape Lighting available to highlight your feature

Bubbling Rock Kits are also available.
Simply pick out your rock, and we will help you get the rest together.

  • Mini Bubbling Rock Kit for Rocks up to 50 pounds
  • Small Bubbling Rock Kit for Rocks up to 300 pounds
  • Large Bubbling Rock Kit for Rocks up to 1000 pounds
  • Any Rock over 1000 pounds, we can easily create a Custom Kit for you


  1. Choose a location where hydro is accessible
  2. Dig a hole according to the size of basin you have chosen and place basin in the hole. Backfill around all sides, or if building above ground, place basin and make sure it is level. Build up around basin to disguise sides
  3. Attach tubing to pump and tighten with a clamp
  4. Place pump in basin and feed tubing out through center hole of basin
  5. Place rock on basin and feed tubing through hole in rock. Once running the flow of water can be adjusted by adjusting how far the tubing goes up through the rock
  6. Fill the basin with water
  7. Turn pump on and adjust for desired flow
  8. Wash decorative gravel and place around rock covering basin and disguising edges of basin
  9. Landscape around bubbler with desired mulch and plant material
  10. Choose some night lighting to greatly enhance your water feature experience. Then sit back, relax and enjoy




We have additional products throughout our store and yard, feel free to give us a 519-765-2379
and inquire about a specific product you are after and we will do our best to help you out.

Price and product availability subject to change without notice.

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