(Or is it Stones, stones, stones, or Decorative Gravel, gravel, gravel?)

Some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer are largely made up of rock. Yes, rock has, is, and always will be an easy, beautiful way to change your landscape. One of the most versatile elements in nature, natural stone makes for a great landscape makeover. Rocks add contrast, they add texture, and they can serve as a durable ground cover.

Large pieces of landscape rockery can strategically be placed in and around your garden bed adding height dimension and interest to an area. All on their own they can create a centre piece or focal point to work a landscape around.

Try using the trick of placing decorative rocks or boulders in the landscape and burying the bottom of the rock into the ground. How far you go depends on the size of your rock. By doing this you give the illusion of the rock having always been there and that it might be bigger than one realizes. It leaves room for imagination when viewing. If a decorative or accent rock is properly placed it will have much more impact than you realize, as it can truly define a space and add sculptural interest.

Using large cubicle boulders as an edging can add various levels to your landscape without having to create a berm or raised planting bed. Most interesting landscapes tend to have more than one level.

  • Rockery can be used as borders around garden beds, driveways, or laneways
  • Cubicle rocks are great to use as sit up-ons in an outdoor setting
  • Rocks can be drilled and then made into fabulous water features
  • Line small rocks to be used as edging
  • If you have water issues, creating a curvy beautiful dry riverbed will help with drainage
  • Flat pieces of flagstone or slabs of rock can be stood upright to serve as a small fence or to create a space set apart – a place of interest or little haven

Whimsical Ideas for Decorate Gravel

Crushed rock of various colours, known as decorative gravel, can be used in a myriad of ways.

  • Use to edge a garden or in between the flagstone in a pathway
  • Surround a water feature with decorative gravel to help hide the component parts and to create contrast in colours
  • Create your own inspirational artscapes in your backyard. We’ve seen many unique creative ideas, such as a yin-yang symbol, labyrinth, or railroad tracks (done with black lava or granite)
  • Mosaic art is a fun family project, which can produce planters, stepping stones, or pictures right on the ground
  • Use as pathways between areas of interest in your yard or as functional paths to get to the back shed
  • Build an inuksuk or cairn, which are piles of stone formed to look like humans, landmarks, or memorials. They’re lovely treatments to nature, easily constructed, and add to the personality of your home

And let’s not forget the Zen gardens – carefully composed arrangements of rock, often using sand or decorative gravels that are raked into beautiful designs. These are peaceful retreats and in this hectic world they are a valued treasure.

Beautiful boulders, medium stones, and small gravel add character, interest, and impact to your outdoor living area – you are only limited by your imagination.

At SLS we carry rocks from around the world of all shapes and sizes. They last a lifetime – in fact you can bequeath them to your children.